New/Updated features in Quest LiteSpeed 5.1.1

By tom on September 24th, 2009

In my previous post, I told you about Quest LiteSpeed as a backup tool for your SQL environment. In the meantime they have a minor updated build, where now they have added support for the SQL Server 2008 FILESTREAM type (previous version gave an unclear error). It also includes some fixes for known issues.

You can find the release notes here.

Testing Quest LiteSpeed 5.1

By tom on August 19th, 2009

For a customer of me, I’m creating an implementation plan for Quest LiteSpeed 5.1. LiteSpeed is mainly a Backup/Restore agent for SQL Server (and soon they will launch a version for Oracle too).

The important features for my client are backup compression and the integration with TSM (IBM Tivoli Storage Manager). LiteSpeed is able to compress the backups up to 95% (this will get a lot less when using BLOBs etc…), while sending the backup directly to TSM’s media servers.

Now I’m testing the new features of version 5.1 (to be exact build Installing is pretty straightforward and self-explaining.

The main console looks pretty neat and gives an overview of the latest backups, jobs and maintenance plans. It also gives a little guidance on the total volume and the savings that have been attained using LiteSpeed.

I already found some flaws/issues:

  • You have the possibility to run a backup analyzer; this should give an estimation of the compression percentage and backup time when using different compression rates. However when I try to run this tool, I always get a conversion error.


  • When trying to do an object level restore of a database with a SQL Server 2008 Compatibility Level, I get the following message:

I’m going to work with the people of Quest to resolve these issues.