Enabling your NetApp filers for NetApp System Manager

By tom on June 29th, 2009

NetApp System Manager is a Microsoft Management Console based snap-in to manage your NetApp/IBM filers. It gives a great overview of your filers, including the partner setup.
It can also be used to setup new filers.

In order to connect to your filers, you have to enable (or setup) ssl.

These are the steps to get to this:

  • Connect with an ssh client like putty or so to your filer
  • Type secureadmin setup ssl
  • Answer all questions to create an ssl certificate
  • That’s all! Start up your System Manager, connect to the filer and type in username/password.



Enabling data deduplication on NetApp ONTAP

By tom on June 18th, 2009

I recently enabled data dedup (previously called a-sis) on our storage boxes for the volumes that contained the vmware guests.

Data dedup is a free option as from march 10, 2008, however it is not enabled by default and you should ask your distributor for the licenses. You will get 2 license keys, one for nearstore (which is a prerequisite), one for a-sis.

You enable the licenses on your filer like this:

license add [your license code for nearstore]
license add [your license code for a-sis]

Once the licenses are entered, you can enable it on a per-volume basis like this:

sis on /vol/[your volumename]

The process normally doesn’t start right away, but runs at midnight. You can however force the process to start immediately by typing following command:

sis start –s /vol/[your volumename]

To view the benefits of the data dedup, you can execute:

df –s /vol/[your volumename]

In my case the deduplication process showed a 57% space saving!


After a day or two, I checked back and now the savings are up to 62% for a first volume (which also contains some .iso files and 2 different types of OS), but up to 80% for a volume that only contains Win2k8 guests!