SQL Server Hardening Presentation on Belgian Community Day

By tom on June 29th, 2010

Last thursday, my colleague Geert Vanhove and myself gave a presentation about Hardening and Securing your SQL Server Environment.

You can download this presentation and demo’s here.

If you watched our session, please let us know what you found of it on SpeakerRate.com!


New cumulative Update Pack for SQL 2008 R2: CU2

By tom on June 29th, 2010

Microsoft has recently released CU2 for SQL 2008 R2

This makes the cumulative update table for R2 as follows:

Version Service Pack (SP) / Cumulative Update (CU)
10.50.1720.0 R2 CU2
10.50.1702.0 R2 CU1
10.50.1600.1 SQL 2008 R2 RTM


For SQL 2008 the cumulative update table doesn’t change:

10.0.2775.0 SP1 CU8
10.0.2766.0 SP1 CU7
10.0.2757.0 SP1 CU6
10.0.2746.0 SP1 CU5
10.0.2734.0 SP1 CU4
10.0.2723.0 SP1 CU3
10.0.2714.0 SP1 CU2
10.0.2710.0 SP1 CU1
10.0.2531.0 SP1
10.0.1835.0 CU10
10.0.1828.0 CU9
10.0.1823.0 CU8
10.0.1818.0 CU7
10.0.1812.0 CU6
10.0.1806.0 CU5
10.0.1798.0 CU4
10.0.1787.0 CU3
10.0.1779.0 CU2
10.0.1763.0 CU1
10.0.1600.0 SQL 2008 RTM


To find out which version you are currently running, check out this blogpost.