New Cumulative Updates for SQL 2008

By tom on November 18th, 2009

Yep, it’s that time again. Microsoft released CU8 for SQL 2008 and CU5 for SQL 2008 SP1.

This makes the cumulative update table as follows:

Version Service Pack (SP) / Cumulative Update (CU)
10.0.2746.0 SP1 CU5
10.0.2734.0 SP1 CU4
10.0.2723.0 SP1 CU3
10.0.2714.0 SP1 CU2
10.0.2710.0 SP1 CU1
10.0.2531.0 SP1
10.0.1823.0 CU8
10.0.1818.0 CU7
10.0.1812.0 CU6
10.0.1806.0 CU5
10.0.1798.0 CU4
10.0.1787.0 CU3
10.0.1779.0 CU2
10.0.1763.0 CU1
10.0.1600.0 SQL 2008 RTM


To find out which version you are currently running, check out this blogpost.


Error installing SQL 2008 geo cluster: rule “Cluster shared disk available check” failed

By tom on November 17th, 2009

First a little about our setup, we have what is called a geographically dispersed cluster. This means that the nodes are in different datacenters, each connected to a san in it’s own location and that there is synchronous replication of the LUNs between the sans.

In our case we use Continuous Access (CA) from HP on the san side and on the nodes the client counterpart Cluster Extensions (CLX). You could just as well use PPRC from IBM or the equivalent of your san vendor.

The CLX adds an extra resource in your resource group and your disks (LUNs) have a dependency on this resource:

More info about HP CLX can be found here.

Our OS cluster is fully functional and fail-overs happen without any issues.
However, when trying to install SQL 2008 on it, we get following error by the rule validation step:

After searching for a while and with the help of MS Support, we finally found the problem: disks are not supposed to have any dependencies on them. So for the installation, you have to remove the dependency on the disk for the CLX extension.

After installation, make sure to add the dependency again, otherwise your cluster will not fail-over, because the disk resource will fail.

Note that this happens only on SQL 2008, with SQL 2005 on the same configuration, we never had this problem.